Association Documents

Association Documents


Schooner Ridge was formed in 1987 and Incorporated in the State of North Carolina.  The purposes for which the Corporation is organized is "to acquire, construct, maintain and operate common areas and recreational facilities in the residential development" and "to enforce any and all covenants, restrictions and agreements applicable to the common areas, lots and dwelling units in the development and particularly any Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions or similar declarations".

All owners are automatically members of the association upon acquiring title to property in the community. 

As such, the association members abide by a number of governing documents, which are important to the ongoing management of the community.

Articles of Incorporation
Architectural Guidelines


Owners can choose to pay their annual assessment online by clicking here.  This brings you to the Seaside Management website payment page, then choose either "pay by e-check, one-time payment" or "pay by credit card".  From there, you'll be linked to the association's banking website.  When making the payment, use the following:

Management Company ID:  6785
Association ID: SCR
Unit Account Number: The five-digit account number on your statement


Folks in Schooner Ridge really do love to name their homes.  
They hang custom made signs, sometimes witty, sometimes serious,
sometimes just so darn clever you wonder where they came up with it.  
Drive through the community and enjoy!

What's in a Name
By Marilyn  Bassford

It is My Tern to tell you Our Point of View about life in Duck.  Yes, It's About Time to tell you What's Up (in) Duck.  Just Imagine sitting high on a Sand Bank looking out over the Ocean Blue and feel the Wind's Eye of the Summer Wind gently spraying the Ocean Mist over your face.  Our story is not a Clift Hanger but a story about the Heart of Duck.

First of all there is None Better than to be in Duck.  For many owners a home in Duck is a part of Our Legacy and for some a home is all Four Seasons.  They can be a Gathering Place, a real place for Fun in the Sun.  They are also a Shellter or a Sea Lodge II.  And for one it's a Cavalier Castle.

Our life at the beach can be SunSational, Sea Duck Shun or Rendezvous with hopes for an Extravaganza of Sunny Daze and for Starry Nights. When the Surf's Up it's Duck With a Splash and it is a Topsail day when the Windward Watch is in effect.

Our children enjoy playing Duck, Duck Goose.  Parents hum Sweet Home Carolina while wearing Duck Unlimited shirts.  Our pets are the Kat's Meow and our canines become Sea Dawgs.

At the end of the day we will watch for Duck(s) Landing and see the
Sandpipers (make) Way and while we look out for a Whale's Tail.  Just remember that All Ducks Go to Heaven and as we leave our Foot Prints in the sand.  Wishing you Duck Dreams and Butterfly Kisses.  But most of all wishing you Pax et Bonum (meaning the Peace and the Good).